Govt. Reduced COVID-19 Testing!

Govt. Reduced COVID-19 Testing!'s Featured Photo

August 26, 2020

Abrar Jahin

Due to Corona Virus, Govt is testing less the daily target everyday. That’s why proper percentage of number of COVID-19 affected patient is very poor. People are not giving priority of home quarantine also like testing Corona virus. Analytics are showing some horrible news.

In Bangladesh, Corona Virus is spreading in a massive speed. But peoples are not aware about this thing. They are going outside in a damn care mind. This will make a hilarious situation. All will need to be alert in time. Govt is taking a few fees for testing. Single test will need around 200 tk. If you are unable to test going to the testing center, testing in home will take around 300-400 tk which is budget friendly for some people. That means Government is trying to give you all facilities to test but people are losing interest in testing in this time. That’s maybe happening cause the recent hyping by Regents Hospital..

Besides Govt. is testing in few numbers from there target cause people are not testing COVID-19. All need to test their sample for security. Besides Govt. Hospitals need to be more cautious for testing. They are also not provided sufficient kiys, PPE etc. This is a huge negative point.

If this continues, in future we all have to suffer or we have to stay in fear without any hope of curing from COVID-19. It’s spreading in higher rate and people are not aware of it. You have to test yourself to keep safe others. Scientists are trying more and more to make a vaccine for COVID-19 patient so that in future everyone can lead a secure life.

Watch this video of some myths and some rules to follow..

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