My Motherland Bangladesh

My Motherland Bangladesh's Featured Photo

July 17, 2020

Abrar Jahin

Title:‌ My motherland Bangladesh

Art Work by: Abrar Jahin

A simple scene of the beauty of Bangla, the scenario of Beautiful Bangladesh.

Watch the video:

Bangladesh is a name of love. A place of kind hearted people. Full of picturesque beauty. The mind of the Bengali nation is satisfied with a small meal but full of love. As we find in our motherland. As she nurture us from her natural resources, we all also learn from her to love all others from whatever we have. This is why our motherland is loved by all.

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Music: “Gram chara oi ranga matir poth flute cover” / “গ্রাম ছাড়া ঐ রাঙা মাটির পথ বাঁশির কভার”



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